Fairuz and Daniel met as exchange students in Milan, Italy and have since traveled many places together. We are 20-somethings that love to travel the world to experience all the wonders this big blue ball has in store for us. This blog is about us and our trip to Patagonia. We want to share our memories and experiences with readers so that more people can enjoy this amazing place!

Daniel is an electrical engineering student from Florianopolis, Brazil and has traveled many places in the world. Traveling is one of the most exciting things anyone can do in their life, you get to know different places, cultures, people, and especially food (he also really loves food). A big hobby of his is photography, we hope that you enjoy some of the pictures we captured in Patagonia. He also hopes that they inspire people to go and see this picturesque landscape for themselves.

Fairuz is from Washington, D.C. and is currently living in Florianopolis, Brazil teaching English. South America has a vibrant and exciting history and culture and she wants to experience and share as much as possible with readers. This trip to Patagonia was the adventure of a lifetime. We chose to go by car because of the freedom it gives you to stay in places for as long or as little as you want and she hopes this blog will inspire people to do the same rather than a traditional trip. Patagonia is considered to be the world’s last wilderness and as an environmentalist she explored some true wonders of nature. True excitement lies in these lands and we both discovered just a fraction of them.